How To Troubleshoot Your Power BI Scatter Chart Not Working

how-to Feb 26, 2024
How To Troubleshoot Your Power BI Scatter Chart Not Working
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One of the chart types available in Power BI is the scatter chart, which is particularly useful for displaying relationships between two numerical variables.

However, like any software, Power BI is not immune to issues and glitches.

In this blog post, we will explore some common reasons why the Power BI scatter chart may not be working as expected and provide solutions to resolve these issues.

Data Formatting:

One of the most common reasons why a Power BI scatter chart may not work as intended is data formatting issues. Scatter charts require two numerical fields (X and Y axes) to plot data points accurately. Ensure that the data in these fields is in the correct format (e.g., numbers or dates) and that there are no null or missing values in these columns. Additionally, check that the data types in Power BI match the data types in your data source.

Solution: Double-check your data source and Power BI data model to ensure data is correctly formatted. Use the Power Query Editor to transform and clean your data if necessary.

Check data formats.

Incorrect Data Binding:

Another potential issue is incorrect data binding. Make sure you have selected the correct fields for the X and Y axes in your scatter chart visualization. If you have inadvertently chosen the wrong fields, it can result in an inaccurate or non-functional chart.

Solution: Go to the scatter chart visualization properties and verify that the X and Y-axis fields are correctly assigned to the data columns you intend to use.

Data Aggregation:

Scatter charts work best with raw data points, and they do not support aggregation like other chart types. If you have applied any aggregation functions (e.g., sum, average) to your data fields in the scatter chart, it may not display the desired results.

Solution: Remove any aggregation functions from your scatter chart to ensure it displays individual data points.

Insufficient Data Points:

Scatter charts require a minimum number of data points to function properly. If you have too few data points or your data is highly concentrated in one area, the chart may not display well.

Solution: Ensure you have a sufficient number of data points to create a meaningful scatter chart. If necessary, consider adding more data or adjusting the chart type.

Incorrect Visual Settings:

Sometimes, scatter chart issues can be attributed to incorrect visual settings. Check the chart's formatting options, including axis scaling, data point markers, and color schemes. Incorrect settings may make it seem like the chart is not working correctly.

Solution: Review and adjust the visual settings of your scatter chart to ensure it accurately represents your data.

Compatibility Issues:

Lastly, ensure that your Power BI version is up-to-date and compatible with the scatter chart functionality. Outdated or incompatible versions may lead to unexpected issues.

Solution: Update Power BI to the latest version or check for any known compatibility issues in the Power BI community or documentation.


The Power BI scatter chart is a valuable tool for visualizing relationships between numerical variables, but it may encounter issues due to data formatting, binding, aggregation, or other factors. By troubleshooting these common problems and following the solutions provided in this blog post, you can make sure your scatter chart works as expected and effectively communicates insights from your data. Remember to stay up-to-date with Power BI updates and seek assistance from the Power BI community if you encounter more complex issues.


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